Illahee Series 2012- Christopher Phillips

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Illahee Lecture Series is back for another year of deep thinking about important ideas.  This year’s theme is “Sacred Cows”, issues so important they’re normally beyond question, but their first speaker starts out by taking aim at one of the most Sacred Cows of all…

If you could start over with the Constitution, what would you change?

Christopher Phillips is the inspiration for the Socrates Café gatherings, informal philosophical discussion groups now held in over 600 locations around the world.  His latest project, Constitution Cafe, is an effort to engage everyday Americans in constructive dialogue and debate about the nature of our government, the meaning of citizenship and our most important political documents.

Please join us at Portland’s First Congregational Church, seven PM Wednesday, February 1st, as Christopher Phillips serves up the first Sacred Hamburger of the two thousand twelve Illahee Lecture Series.  And as always, just follow the links from our website for more information.

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