Bye, Greg

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Under the threat of more funding cuts the New Clear Regulatory Commission has become a toothless watchdog over corporate energy profiteers.  You’ve heard me site that NRC chairman Gregory Jaczko objected to the approval of new facilities slated for construction.… Well Greg just resigned.

Was it a resignation or a termination? I’d like to know the details; it probably had more to do with friction from him trying to do his job siding with public safety against the New Clear industry, than his desire to leave.

The 5- member commission consistently dead locked with Jaczko the holdout against four industry shills.  One of his final losses came when he tried to require new US reactors be updated from lessons learned from Fukushima.  After another four- one vote, the reactors are currently being built anyway; without the modifications.

Goodbye, Greg… I appreciated you trying to keep us from living in a permanently irradiated wasteland.

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