Wyden is Wrong

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan are leaders in the RepubliCon charge to shrink government and privatize everything.  Repeatedly we have seen rock solid needed programs defunded, disabled,… then declared dysfunctional and destroyed

Medicare has been a shining example of an efficacious government program for forty five years; a single payer system, with efficient administration, delivering superior care to our deserving seniors. Why would we choose any course other than leaving it a single payer system and funding it more effectively? We need to support Medicare, not dilute it.

Will you want to choose between confusing “for profit” private healthcare plans? Do you want to pay for options with increased management and corporate profit over-heads that detract from your health care?

Evidently our Senior Senator thinks you do. Wyden is right on so many issues but he is wrong on health care.  Call him and tell him why!

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