War Spending

I’m Tom Dwyer,

America had a War Department until 1947 when Truman renamed it the Department of Defense. The trillion dollars spent, unaudited, each year in the name of “defense” exceeds the rest of the world’s military spending combined.

This spending is not alldefense” spending;… military entertainment, recruiting propaganda, and increased costs as war profiteers “outsource” the military functions of over two thousand military bases is bleeding our economy dry.

I’m disgusted with the war department’s death grip on the budget.  For clarity on this suicidal spending let’s divide the “defense” monolith into war, defense and peace departments, and carefully balance and audit spending for each.

Why is the war budget sacrosanct?  Anyone who dares suggest cuts is accused of being soft, unpatriotic, or wanting to weaken the country.

What is weakening this country is fiscal malfeasance and growing debt. Our enemies need do nothing to defeat us but stand back and watch our self inflicted, imminent economic collapse.

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