Voting Against Yourself 1

I’m Tom Dwyer,

An informed environmentalist would never vote a polluting billionaire into political power.

Why then do; minority, female, gay, disabled, retired, poor, or anyone that works for a paycheck continue to vote for Republi Cons?

The Cons are gifted at tricking people into voting against their own best interests, and the corporate media is complicit in the propaganda required to wage this mass disinformation campaign.

The Republi Con support by the wealthiest 2 % of Americans is destructive but I totally understand they are voting selfishly to protect their wallets…

It’s really quite simple… if you support welfare for the rich, dismantling of America’s founding principles, and an unsustainable economic future for the majority; vote the “corporations are people” party!

If you support fiscal sanity, restoration of fair taxes, corporate regulation, a clean environment, social services, education and real family values…Then Republi Con leadership does not represent you!

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