I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Occupation meets strong resistance as cities feign safety and sanitation to trump constitutionally protected free speech rights.

The occupation may be changing, but there hasn’t been any change to the real issues that put people in the parks to begin with…

The top one percent still controls 42 percent of the nation’s wealth

Real unemployment rate is still over 16 percent

Highest income inequality since the nineteen twenties

Ethical decay fostering rampant graft and corruption

An anemic education system with crushing student debt

Crumbling physical infrastructure

Decades of war fought by the poor

Spiraling health care costs

All complicated by a political system responsive only to money.

The same societal disgust that put Obama into office also put the Occupiers into the parks.  While the movement regroups the problems and the anger will continue to fester.  We will be back and we’ll be bringing friends… until things change, the reasons to Occupy will multiply.

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