Sellwood Bridge Update- Drilling continues; mystery dock solved

Last month we told you that work has started on the new bridge, in the form of in-water drilling for soil samples.  This month’s update is boring… that is, boring for samples will continue in-water through the end of the week, and then move on-land at the parking lot of Sellwood Harbor Condominiums.   Drilling hours are planned 730am to 5pm, but the core samples must be pulled all at once and the contractor may have to go slightly over this time, or else do it again the next day.

One interesting little tidbit popped up as well… a “Mystery dock” with three attached boats had appeared on the southwest beach of the bridge.  No one really knew who was attached to these boats until the  County Sheriff’s River Patrol and the Portland Parks & Recreation security staff investigated and found that they were transient boats that moved along the river to avoid dock fees.  Since there limits to how long a boat can dock at one spot, and because it’s illegal to put a dock on park land, the boats were told to move along.  Problem solved.

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