Rule of Lawlessness

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Right now, at an American Marine Base, our government is torturing Bradley Manning.

Manning, the twenty- two- year- old Army Private accused of leaking to Wiki Leaks, has been held without trial for months.  Though not convicted of any crime, he’s held… caged like an animal… in conditions known to cause permanent mental and physical damage. This is “cruel and unusual” punishment at best, and would be considered torture by most nations.

This is just the latest glaring example of the collapse of the Rule of Law in America.  When draconian punishment is inflicted without due process on common people, but elite criminals like Rove, Bush and Cheney are vigorously shielded from accountability or prosecution, the basis of all our laws has vanished.

I hate to keep harping on this rule of law thing, but without it we have lost the basis for a free and functional society.  None of us should risk silence on this!

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UPDATED INFORMATION: Amnesty International is working to change Bradley’s conditions of imprisonment.  Read about their involvement here, or read their open letter to Robert Gates here.

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