I’m Tom Dwyer,

Right now, people are Occupying Portland and cities around the world, standing up for the middle class, democracy, and the restoration of a society that works for everyone.

At first the media ignored them, and now mocks them as unemployed, unwashed, leftist malcontents without clear demands.

Occupy started on Wall Street with people saying “we’re not going to take it anymore!”  Maybe not specific, but clear and loud enough that people everywhere heard it, understood, and have responded.

We’re all angry about increasing inequities…

Job loss

Massive wealth transfers to the top 1 percent

A legal system that ignores the crimes of the rich and powerful

A government controlled by money not majorities

Failed medical, economic, and educational systems

… a society failing 99% of its people.

The Occupy movement isn’t perfect, but it is important.  Please, follow the links from our website and see if the message makes sense to you.

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