Listener Letter

I’m Tom Dwyer

A KPOJ listener sent me a letter with two succinct thoughts that particularly resonated with me:

“The average US citizen is now complacent enough to be complicit in their own subjugation”, and

“It appears that congressmen and their corporate sponsors have learned to control the masses, facilitating their greed for power and wealth regardless of the detrimental effect it has on our country.”

He’s right, but what do we do?  How do we motivate the complacent and re-educate the masses?  How do we re-build a government that responds to natural people, not just corporations or the wealthy?

Change will not come from the current administration;… it must come from us.  We need to educate ourselves and those around us. By joining together we can re embrace and restore the values our ancestors died for.

Visit the “Politics” section on our website for information, petitions and group membership opportunities; it’s a tool and it’s a start.

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