Illahee Series #5- David Bollier

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Republi Cons talk a lot about private property but they have far less to say about the commons; the parts of our society we all own together.

Questions about the commons are close to the heart of democratic government.  How do we manage the creation and upkeep of our commons?  How do we distribute the benefits?

We might agree that parks and roads are part of the commons, but what about the Internet?  And who owns products created by government funded research?

David Bollier is at the forefront of thinking on the commons and its relationship to economics, politics, and culture. He’ll make you reconsider your relationship to something you may not even realize you own!

Be at Portland’s First Congregational Church seven P M, Wednesday, May 11, when the Illahee lecture series presents David Bollier and his uncommon ideas on the commons.  Go to Illahee dot org or visit our website for more details.

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