Fukushima and Price Anderson

I’m Tom Dwyer

Anti-nuclear activists Dr. Helen Caldicott and John Bartels recently wrote an open letter to Congress.  Here’s part of it…

“Fukushima is the nuclear power catastrophe we have anticipated since Chernobyl.  Repeal the Price-Anderson Act, which throws liability for nuclear disasters onto taxpayers and utility ratepayers. We know from all-too-familiar experience that this debate is unwinnable against the multi-billion dollar industry. We insist elected representatives finally throw the debate into the marketplace… let market mechanisms decide.”

I think they’re right.  Price-Anderson is the ultimate expression of “private gains and public loss”.  Although there is no cap on the industry’s huge profits, their liability is legally capped at about twelve billion dollars.

Estimates for the worsening Fukushima disaster already exceed two hundred fifty billion dollars…  Are you ready to pay the difference so the nuclear industry can continue to profit?

PLEASE! Call your representatives and demand the repeal of Price-Anderson!

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