Fed Audit

I’m Tom Dwyer,

You know that when the economy collapsed in two thousand seven, Bush immediately handed out seven hundred Billion dollars to the very banks whose malfeasance, greed, and arrogance caused our problems.

What you might not know is the Federal Reserve; that unelected, unaccountable, and until now un-auditable Private Corporation, at that time, gave out over sixteen TRILLION of our dollars in financial assistance around the world!  Seven TRILLION of this was in the form of zero interest loans to foreign banks, corporations, and governments who now report billions in profit from the use of our money.

Did you get your free fed loan?… Me either!

Keep in mind total US GDP is only fifteen trillion and the federal reserve is about as federal as federal express,… a private corporation controls our currency!

They didn’t ask Congress…. they didn’t even tell Congress.  And, as usual, corporate media won’t tell you about it either.

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