Brad Witt for Congress

Our limited representative democracy fails to represent the majority of citizens. Selfish special interest money and political connection dictates our representation more so than an educated will of the people. Our financial support for candidates and our votes are among the few powers we have left to shape our own future.

We now have an opportunity to fill district one’s seat with a congressional representative, just like you and me, that understands;

W. I. T. T.- We’re In This Together;

….Brad Witt; an experienced legislator who has worked for a living and fights for workers and families. Right now Brad Witt needs our financial support so he can compete in a broken political process to gain a position to work for US. Please learn about Brad; go to his website “Witt for Congress” and give what you can so he can continue to compete to fill Wu’s long empty seat with someone that will be responsive to needs of the community.

Paid for By Tom Dwyer because I want to see a regular guy, someone who really understands what it is to be a working family go to congress…

(c)2011 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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