Big Lies

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Our political discourse has been poisoned by misinformation created without facts and amplified by a complicit media.

Sadly lies repeated often enough do work.

HEY! Corporate prostitutes… Please…. stop just making this stuff up!

Here’s a few of their worst lies:

The stimulus was a failure

Taxes on the rich keep ‘wealth producers’ from creating jobs

Americans are being taxed to death

We don’t have a revenue problem, (we have a spending problem)

Cutting taxes boosts revenue

Taxes on top earners are taxes on ‘Small Businesses’

Ratings are beginning to show we’ve had our fill.  Top con­ser­v­a­tive radio shows are losing sponsors and audi­ence across the board, with Rush alone down thirty percent over the last six months.  Flagship liar Fox News has plunged ten percent while their competitors made double digit jumps.

Hopefully perfidious pundits can only lie for so long before Amer­i­cans say… ENOUGH!

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