Post Office 2

I’m Tom Dwyer,

You’ve heard that congressional Republi Cons are trying to tip over the Post Office by mandating seventy-five years of retirement and healthcare expenses be paid in advance. But why?  Who gains?

If gutting the post office won’t benefit the institution or its customers, then why are the Cons so anxious to dismantle and disable it?  Simple!

The postal workers union is the largest union left in America, and Unions support Democratic candidates and causes. The American Postal Workers Union is seen as an enemy to Republi Con leadership.

The Cons have been pushing the idea that unions are at fault for crippling business, so any unionized employee, especially public workers like teachers, fire fighters and postal workers, are painted as over – compensated…. and undeserving.

Kill the post office and kill the largest union left. That’s bad for America, bad for workers, but good for the Cons.

Understand the Con’s  motives and fight for worker’s rights!

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