Voter Owned Elections

I’m Tom Dwyer

Urging you to vote Yes for voter-owned elections!

In the wake of Citizens United, special interests can now freely buy political power.

Organizations like Common Cause are supporting the Fair Elections Now Act for national public campaign financing, but many Portlanders don’t know we already have a local version of public campaign financing.

Even fewer know it’s on the chopping block in November.

In November, vote YES on 26-108.

Under Portland’s current Voter-Owned Elections program, candidates can run based on community support rather than fundraising ability, which means they’re are not beholding to special interests when elected.

Candidates can spend time working for voters instead of raising money from giant donors.

We can keep our Portland elections fair, open, and accountable.  But… only if We vote to protect it in November.

It could be the most important vote we cast.

For more information, google Common Cause Oregon, or use the link on our website.

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