Prep for Winter NOW

I’m Tom Dwyer

…and it won’t be long before the rain settles in again.  It’s just a sprinkle now, but we all know what we’re in for next… that never-ending gray drool, crusty ice, slushy snow, and all the soggy chunks of joy that the next months will bring.

Now is the time to get the vehicles you depend on prepped for bad weather.  It’s too late for any regrets when you can’t start, see, signal, steer, stop or worse end up sliding backwards down that ice-covered hill on your commute.

You probably already know some of the fall and winter basics, but our industry leading Comprehensive Inspection will let you know exactly what your vehicle needs to make it thru till the sun shines again.

There’s no point in preparing for winter after it’s over.  Come in now, and enjoy the feeling of safe and confident driving throughout the Oregon winter.

By phone at (5 0 3– 2 3 0– 2 3 0 0) or online at (tom dwyer dot com) we’re Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!

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