Illahee Lecture Series- Jonah Lehrer

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer, of Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

…inviting you to join me at the Illahee Lecture Series, as we explore ways of making real and effective changes in our society.  The series opens at the First Congregational Church with Jonah Lehrer speaking about “The Power to Change Our Minds”.

You may know Jonah from his work at Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, or NPR’s Radio Lab.  On February 2, he’ll examine the science of how we make decisions, explore the struggle between rationality and intuition, and explain how the cutting edge of neuroscience is actually rediscovering insights made much earlier in the world of art.

It will be a fascinating look at how we think and why we believe what we believe.  I believe you should join us!

For more information on Jonah Lehrer or other speakers in the series, visit Illahee dot com or follow the links on our web site.

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