Illahee Lecture Series #7- Ursula LeGuin

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer, proud co-sponsor of the Illahee lecture series

I hope these events have given you a chance to consider the way power affects all our lives; from biology and the environment to society, history, and more.  Please join us at First Baptist Church when our final lecture focuses on the awesome power of nature itself.

Humans are pretty confident until nature shows us true power. One thunderstorm releases more energy than a nuclear blast, but volcanic eruptions dwarf both.   Thirty years ago, Mount St. Helens barely exerted itself to erase 57 people, 250 homes, 47 bridges, and 185 miles of highway.

On May 18th, please join Gary Snyder, Jerry Franklin, and Ursula K. Le Guin as they discuss the history and looming power of our neighbor, Mount St. Helens.

For information about these final speakers, visit (Illahee dot org) or please follow the links from our web site.

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