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This year’s important climate change and environmental bills either stalled out or were watered down in the Oregon legislature due to pressure from corporate polluters.  This exemplifies the need to change politics in Salem.

Oregon is one of only three states with absolutely no limits on the size or source of campaign contributions to local and state candidates.

We need reform here in Oregon.  The Fair Elections Now Act., HR 1826, which is currently under consideration at the federal level, would have candidates run for office on a blend of small contributions and limited public funds.

Now don’t glaze over thinking that campaign finance reform is just another issue…

This is about reining in corporate power and restoring Democracy.

A key group working to hold power accountable in Oregon is Common Cause.

If you want politicians who are accountable to you, go to www.commoncause.org/oregon and sign the petition urging legislators to take action on campaign finance reform.

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