BP Gusher Stopped

I’m Tom Dwyer

The BP gusher has been stopped, and we’re being told three quarters of the oil has already “dispersed”.  BP Media and Government assure me things are just fine.

Well… understanding what “dispersed” means, and knowing that just a few parts per billion of oil is toxic leaves me feeling far from good.

Only a pitifully small amount of the oil was actually collected or burned, and most of the rest is hidden by the use of toxic dispersants like corexit.

The hidden oil is now uncollectible, and the remaining heavy toxins pose a long-term threat to the Gulf environment.

Sadly, this BP PR blitz may actually work. The American public has the collective consciousness of a small child; live in the moment, out of sight out of mind, and it must be true if mommy or daddy say so.

I’m sorry but I won’t be rushing out for gulf shrimp or oysters anytime soon.

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